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IdemoLab specialises in facilitating and creating innovation for technological solutions. They live in a world of early adopters and provide knowledge and access to new and upcoming technologies. Idemolab curate and cultivate a culture of learning, exploration and experimentation and will provoke new discoveries through access to new knowledge and inspiration.

Their service can be hard to understand for potential costumers, so Idemolab teamed up with Manufakt to create a creative, fun and different way of communicating what they offer in their 8 week workshops. We discovered that they wanted to emphasize their core values of being creative and passionate. The result was a set of ten carefully made drawings, illustrating each part of the process. The drawings are used online and offline, in a printed card set with text on the backside and in an onscreen presentation for conferences.



Designing new technology and cultivating creative and passional environments of new inventions.  


The style of the look is inspired by the 19th century's engravings of the scientific and experimental area. We looked at the crazy and futuristic inventions of the period, which communicate Idemolabs inventive and imaginative side. In addition to the drawings, small quotes from known scientists has been added on the backside of the cards.

To emphasise their professionalism and competence, the design of the cards is kept traditional and minimalistic with an elegant touch of a light typography and layout.